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Tree Survey, Tree Removal & Pruning At Greys Court

Greys Court is a Tudor country house with associated gardens and woodland walks, located at the southern end of the Chiltern Hills near Henley on Thames. It is owned by the National Trust and open to the public.

In the later part of 2015 we undertook a tree survey of the site with the head gardener. The survey highlighted a number of dead and diseased trees within their woodland walks. These trees needed to be removed for safety reasons.

We also scheduled some pruning works within the formal gardens of the main house.

Formal Gardens

Our first job was to reduce a Scots Pine that was leaning very close to their Medieval Tower, directly opposite the main house.

Scots Pine leading close to historic Oxfordshire building

This photo shows their medieval tower with the Scots Pine leaning towards it.

The building surveyor wanted the over hanging branches pruned back as they were coming into contact with the fragile stone work during high winds. This was a delicate operation, something that is relished by our team of highly trained and skilled tree surgeons.

Using rope access techniques we were able to access the upper canopy to remove the offending branches. We were aware this needed to be done with precision so that there was no risk of damaging the ancient building. Another consideration for our team was to retain the natural form of as the tree is viewed from the main house.

The job was a success. The Scots Pine retains it’s natural form, and the tower is now free from being damaged in high winds.

Scots Pine Removal in Oxfordshire

The Scots Pine from the top of the tower

Scots Pine Felling in Oxfordshire

Here is Tom, our head climber up the Scots Pine
ready for action

Woodland Walk

During the removal of the dead and diseased trees from the Woodland area, we took down this beautiful large beech as it had failed to come in to leaf in the Spring of 2015 and was therefore dead. A number of pathogens could be involved but the main agent was phytophora. This is a water borne motile bacteria which interrupts the flow of water and nutrients between roots and shoots. This can be seen as black staining on the main stem.

After felling and processing the crown of this tree we winched the stem into position using our 5 ton vehicle mounted Warn winch and a 2 ton Turfer style winch.

Once in position we bored out some seating sections. This large section of timber will provide a valuable site for flora and fauna as well as a welcome respite for dog walkers.

Beech Tree Removal in Oxfordshire Beech Tree with seating in Oxfordshire grounds