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Tree Preservation Area and Trees in Conservation Areas

Many trees across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or by virtue of being in a Conservation Area.

TPO’s are put in place to protect individual trees, groups of trees, areas of trees or woodlands. TPO’s protect trees where appropriate in the interests of amenity. Trees that are suitable for protection in this way are usually those that are visible from a publicly accessible place.

At TreeScape we are able to let you know if your trees is covered by a TPO.

It is an offence to work on a tree covered by a TPO without the local authorities consent. There are exemptions to this, however the burden of proof lies with the person carrying out the work.

Local authorities will only accept applications for work to TPO trees on their standard application forms. As part of our tree preservation order service we can obtain and complete these for you free of charge or you can go directly to the planning portal website via the link below.

Planning Portal website