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TreeScape Projects

Some of our latest work throughout Oxfordshire

Planting Norway Maple Trees In Oxford

This week we planted 3 Acer Platanoides (Norway Maple) in Oxford. Three dead trees were removed from the rear boundary and the ground prepared for the planting ahead of time. After a hot day digging we finally had the new trees on place set at a distance to offer some...

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Pollarding Willow Tree In Stanton St. John

We were asked to inspect a number of trees in a garden bordering Horton-cum-studley and Stanton St. John. The majority were given a clean bill of health. A large willow on the rear boundary was found to be structurally unsound. Rather than remove the tree to ground...

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Tree Pruning For Sunningwell Parish Council

We are responsible for the tree stock for a number of parish councils. We were contacted by Sunningwell Parish Council to inspect a mature willow tree. A large branch had collapsed and it was evident that the tree required maintenance to remove end-weight from its...

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