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Large Cedar tree removal due to storm damage.

May 2015

07 Cedar tree removal

Cedar with Tree Preservation Order (TPO) removed by Treescape Oxford Limited.


This very large Cedar tree had the top to be blown out of it in last year’s storms. Despite being the subject of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) the tree officer and Treescape Oxford Limited were unable to find a way to retain the tree in a safe manner.

The upper canopy was removed in sections with rope access and rigging techniques. The large lower bole was felled across the lawn in one section. The stump was ground out and a newly planted tree now stands in its place.

Job well done.


Yew Tree Reduction. Conservation Area

June 2015


08 Yew tree Reduction


This large Yew Tree was subject to legal protection as it is within the Jerico conservation area. As such we consulted the OCC tree officer and submitted a formal application before works were agreed.


The objective here was to relieve the physical impact the tree was having on the building and to increase the ingress of light to office spaces adjacent. You can see from the photo how the work is progressing.







Diseased Beech Tree.

July 2015

02 Beech Tree Removal

The above photograph shows a cross section through the timber of a mature beech tree situated on the London Road in Headington. Fungal brackets were observed at the base of the tree and further diagnostic tests led to the decision to remove the tree.

The tree was part of a group subject to a TPO(Tree Presevation Order) and the client will have a statutory duty to re-plant this tree. The new tree will be required to have equivalent growth potential to the tree removed and will be subject to the same TPO that protected the original tree.