Stump Grinding or Poisoning


Once the tree in question has been removed to ground level it may be necessary to remove it or prevent regrowth.

Stump Grinding

This is the mechanical process of removing the stump. The site can then be used for whatever purpose is required.

With some ground preparation a new tree can be planted in the exact same spot as the removed tree. Often the site is reseeded for lawn or built over.

Stump Poisoning

Often we are only required to remove a tree to ground level and the stump can be left in situ. In order to prevent new growth from the freshly cut tree stump we use a specially designed method of delivering a herbicide into the xylem of the stump and underground parts of the tree.

This is safe for people and animals, kills off the stump and readily biodegrades in the environment.

Stump grinding a large yew stump in Headington to allow for driveway widening.