Tree Felling

Trees may need to be felled at some point in their lives for a variety of reasons. They may be situated in a confined space surrounded by property, adjacent to a busy road or on a building development site.

Section Felling

In order to avoid damage to property we are often required to fell a tree in small sections. Access to the tree is achieved using a Mewp (cherry picker) or rope access techniques.

Each part of the tree can be lowered to the ground using rigging ropes with minimum impact to the surrounding surfaces.

Sometimes a crane will be required to facilitate the removal of a large tree.

Felling From Ground Level

In an ideal situation the tree in question would be felled in one section from ground level.

Very often the tree will require a pulling rope or winch cable assistance in order to get it to fall in the required direction.

All of our staff are trained and experienced in the techniques described above. You can be sure that we have the collective expertise to carry out the task however complex it may seem.

Our equipment is checked on a regular basis by an external examiner to make sure it complies with current regulations.

Please see the example below where we were to remove a large beach tree that had been struck by lightning at a National Trust property in South Oxfordshire.