Tree Pruning


Tree pruning involves cutting back part or all of the trees foliage. It can include:

Crown Reduction

This is a reduction in the length of the branches throughout the crown, reducing the trees height and spread. This can be undertaken to increase the ingress of light beneath the tree. To contain the size of the tree or to bring the crown back from adjacent buildings.

Crown Thinning

This is a reduction in the density of the foliage and in most cases will not affect the branch extension or the profile of the crown. It is often used to increase the ingress of light through the tree to the garden below.

Crown Lifting

This is carried out to get extra, “head room” beneath the lower branches. A fairly quick and simple technique, which can have great affect without adversely affecting the growth of the tree.


Cutting trees close to ground level with the intention of promoting regrowth of numerous new shoots.


Cutting a tree so as to encourage the formation of numerous branches arising from a reduced crown structure.

Please see the example below of a Yew tree reduction in central Oxford. In this case we have been asked to cut back the foliage from the adjacent office building and to balance the remaining crown.