At the beginning of April we invested in an Avant loader. As you can see from the photos this allows us to lift large sections of timber and load them onto our trucks or into a high sided bin with ease. This reduces the time we might spend cutting up the timber and loading it by hand. The resulting time saved, gets us onto the next job quicker. Time saved by us, is money saved by you.

ash tree removal oxford
Loading timber after a tree removal & stump grinding job on Boars Hill in Oxford.
The new loader will lift up to 1800kg. Yes, that is 1.8 tonne. The load, be it timber or branch material can be lifted to a height of over 2.8 metres allowing us to load over the side of a 45 yard skip.
stump grinding of ash tree in oxford
Site clearance/Large tree felling at a construction site in Thame, Oxfordshire.
For larger site clearance jobs this allows us to load at much as 14 tonnes of timber into a skip. Without the loader we would have had to empty our transit tipper 14 times in order to achieve a similar waste removal figure. Again, this reduces our operating costs significantly. In addition to being able to lift and move material around site quickly and easily the Avant has extremely low ground pressure and a crab steer system which has a very low impact on ground surfaces. This makes the loader ideal for moving material over lawns and sports surfaces.
dead ash tree removed Oxford
Moving a large dead ash tree across a lawn in Headington, Oxford. The tree had recently succumbed to the effects of ash die back.

The loaders crab steer system also allows for movement in confined areas where a larger machine simply could not operate. Due to the addition of a tow bar to the rear and on the hydraulic arm we are now able to manoeuvre our wood chipper into more difficult to reach places. This has the benefit of reducing our labour costs and is a saving passed on to our clients.